We are a creative agency based in Istanbul — working across different disciplines and helping brands to get distinction through storytelling, strategy and a complete collaborative approach allowing us to produce tailored solutions for any kind of client around the world.

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A scene from the Balat office.

What We Do

We are a group of friends with a passion to tell stories . We want to universalize our clients’ presence no matter the channel or device through exploring their story by working side by side with them.


How We Do

We see every work as an opportunity to find a new, unique story. With every product we create, we aim to deliver ideas which are fun, unconventional and powerful enough to make itself wanted to be looked twice. We hate standart solutions, so we take risks to create the unforgettable.

Every project is an opportunity to reach above perfect, improving ourselves and gifting the world another intellectual touchstone. With that said, we approach every piece of work we do as our personal projects, so we take initiatives, aim to satisfy ourselves beside the customer and spend much time as possible on the task.

We believe communication is the most important element of the happiness. So in KONTRA, lack of bureaucracy is one of our primal values. You directly contact with the person who executes the work to solve problems together, create ideas and reach the result as fast as possible.

Every individual in our crew sees KONTRA as a school and home besides a workplace. Enthusiasm is a must to exist as a part of us. Every task is executed by the professional who is still has the enthusiasm to that discipline or an enthusiast who aims to be professional in that discipline.
Where We Do
KONTRA HQ‘s location is a reflection of our approach to the work. Creativity is hard to reach, maintain and get results out of it. Space feeds our creativity every moment. It is not a place where 9 muses visit, on the contrary; it is a place which they actually eat, sleep and live.


For Whom We Do

They understood the new challenges in the game

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